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Planning Commission

Planning Commission Mtg.


Planning Commission
Public Participation Meeting to be held
Saturday, February 6, 2010
1:00-3:00 PM
Trade Lake Town Hall

Public Participation Meeting

Preliminary Draft and maps will be available to view

Members of the Planning Commission will be avaiable
Everyone is encouraged to attend this meeting

Planning Comm. 2/24/09

The meeting was opened by Chairman Bill Krueger.  All members were present.

The next Cluster Meeting will be April 28, 2009, location to be determined.

The Planning Commission went throught thier changes and revisions of the Policies and Recommendations Draft.

2. Houseing #11 was discussed.  Determination at this time is to leave it in, as is.

3. Transportation #7, leave as is.  #15...

Meeting Minutes/ 12/16/08

Chairman Bill Krueger opened the meeting.  All members were present with the exception of Jim Melin.
The chair asked Clerk, Deb Christian to email Mike Kornmann an expense summary for 2008 and to send these reports quarterly in the following year.  Also copies of our minutes.
The terms of service were discussed.  The following will be the term limits beginning January, 2009
1 year – Bill...

Planning Comm. 1/27/09

The meeting was opened by Chair. Bill Krueger.  There were 8 in attendance.

Bill updated everyone on when the next cluster meetings will be held.  They will be on Feb. 17

The Commission began working on goal #3 of the Goals & Objectives Draft.  They also revisited Goal #1 F to clarify  how this issue would impact our community.

They revisited Goal #1 Economic Dev. D

They began working...

Meeting Minutes/10/07/08

The meeting was called to order by Chair. Bill Krueger.
Members in attendance were, John Seeger, Craig Lundeen, Allan Fanum, Bill Krueger, Jeff Lade, Roger Hinrichs, Van Brock and Jim Melin. 
Each member introduced themselves for the benefit of those in attendance. 
Bill has contacted Mike Kornman to get information as to the Planning Commission’s (PC) duties/responsibilities and order of...
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