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Public Participation Meeting


May 8, 2010

Chairman Craig Lundeen called the meeting to order.  There were 7 Commission members present, clerk and 3 residents.  Past-Chair Bill Krueger was also present to help field questions as to the developement of the plan.  The commission addressed the email received from Rich Hess.  A letter of response will be sent to Mr. Hess.  Those in attendance were shown the maps and some questions concerning bounderies were answered.  2 of those in attendance stated that they have read the draft in it's entirety and feel it is a good plan.  There were no further questions.  

Chair. Lundeen asked the commission how they would like to proceed regarding John Seeger as a member.  Due to the fact that Mr. Seeger has not been in attendance for over a year.  There was a motion made by Craig Lundeen to remove Mr. Seegers name from the list of members, second by Allen Fanum.  Motion carried.  Chairman requested the clerk send him a letter thanking him for serving.  Chair. Lundeen then requested the clerk read off the names of those on the commission and thier years to serve.

Bill Krueger - 1 year (08-09)

Craig Lundeen, Allen Fanum - 2 years (08-10)

Laryn Larson - 3 years (08-11)

This commission is to have 5 members to make a quorum with 2 alternates.  It was determined that the clerk will place a notice in the Inter-County Leader and also the Indianhead Advertiser to run for 2 weeks requesting residents volunteer to serve on this commission.

New Business:  Public Comments have been addressed.

There was a motion made by Laryn Larson to present the Comprehensive Plan Draft to the Trade Lake Town Board for adoption, second by Allen Fanum.  The motion carried.

There was a motion made by Allen Fanum to adjourn the meeting of the Planning Commission, second by Laryn Larson.  The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.

                                            Deborah L. Christian, Clerk


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