The Town of Trade Lake

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Driveway Permit


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Town of Trade Lake
Permit for the Installation of Driveways   

The undersigned and designated applicant requests permission to construct the driveway(s) hereinafter described on the Town of Trade Lake highway right of way, and in consideration of being granted permission, as evidenced by the approval of the authorized representative of the Trade Lake Town Board of Supervisors, binds and obligates themselves to construct the driveway(s) in accordance with the description contained herein and sketches, if any, attached hereto, and to abide by the general requirements and location design and construction requirements set forth on this form, the Town of Trade Lake Installation of Driveways Ordinance, and Burnett County Zoning Ordinance Section 4.3 (3).

Property Owners Name: _______________________________________

Date: ____________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Phone #: _________________

Address at Driveway Location: ___________________________________________

The Driveway will access (town roadway): ________________________________

Current Use of Property: ________________________________________________

Proposed Use of Property: ______________________________________________

Legal Description: _____________________________________________________

Number of Driveways: _________________

Type: ________________________________

Driveway will be primarily used for (residential, commercial, other): ______________________________________

Describe proposed work on right of way, materials used (gravel, sand, etc.), special highway safety restrictions, intersection clearances and other details of proposed installation to meet Town of Trade Lake Driveway Ordinance and Burnett County Zoning Section 4.3(3), including references to attached sketches (use space below):




A ____________-inch diameter culvert pipe, ________ feet in length shall be installed under each driveway, if needed, to provide proper drainage along the Town of Trade Lake roadway. All work will be completed by ________________________________ (date).


This application and terms and conditions of proposed permit agreed to by upon receipt of $100.00.:

Name (print): _____________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________

Date: _____________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Approved by Town of Trade Lake Board of Supervisors

Board member(s) name (print): ___________________________________ 

Board member(s) signature: ___________________________________

Date: ______________________

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Trade Lake Town Hall, built in 1890, is the oldest active town hall in Wisconsin.