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Home Business Minutes Minutes/Monthly Board Mtg. - 4/16/2009

Minutes/Monthly Board Mtg. - 4/16/2009



The meeting was opened by Chairman Jim Melin, there were 11 in attendance.

The minutes of the March 12 meeting were read.  Motion by Jeff Lade to accept the minutes as read, second by Roger Hinrichs.  Motion carried.

The Treasurers report was reviewed.  Total assets in all accounts are $187910.03.  There was a motion made by Roger Hinrichs to accept the Treasurers report, second by Jeff Lade.  Carried.

Resident Issues: Mark Schulz was present to discuss the damage done to his property this past winter by the snowplow.  He also wished to discuss the removal of a fence from his parents property. He sited the letter Roger sent concerning this issue and the inaccuracy of the statute sited. There was much discussion concerning this issue with Dwight explaining why his is plowing the way he is and the need to remove the fence.  Also why the steps were destroyed.  It was determined that Chair. Melin will meet with Mr. Schulz at his property to look over the damage and determine if in fact the damage could have been avoided and if the town has any liability in this issue.  Dwight requested Mr. Schulz call Jim Flanigan at the County as he is the one who gave Dwight the information as to what rights and responsiblities the Town has concerning objects on the road right of way and it is apparent that the information Mr. Schulz has attained via an attoryney is in direct conflict as to what Mr. Flanigan has given Dwight.

Van Brock requested the board entertain the idea of creating an ordinance allowing the use of ATV's on town roads.  The clerk will publish this on the agenda for the next meeting.

There was a motion made by Roger Hinrichs to re appoint Deborah Christian as Clerk, second by Jeff Lade. The motion carried.

The dates for the Open Book and Board of Review will be May 29th & 30th respectively. Open book will be from 6PM - 8PM and Board of Review will be from 10AM - 12PM.

Road Maintenance: Brushing and ditching continue.  Dwight has put up all winter equipment for the year.

The board will conduct Road Inspection on Tuesday, April 21 at 3:30.  They will meet at the Town Shop and proceed.

Agenda for May meeting:
Review Liquour License Applications
Ordinance to allow ATV's on town roads

The next meeting will be on May 14, 2009 at 7:00 PM

There was a motion made to adjourn the meeting by Roger Hinrichs, second by Jeff Lade. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.

Deborah L. Christian, Clerk

(draft - subject to board approval)

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