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Home Business Minutes Minutes/Monthly Board Mtg - 2/12/2009

Minutes/Monthly Board Mtg - 2/12/2009


Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting February 12, 2009  

The meeting was opened by Chairman, James Melin.  There were 6 in attendance.

The Minutes of the January 8, 2009 meeting were read, motion by Jeff Lade to approve, second by Roger Hinrichs, carried.

The Treasurers Report was read, total assets in all accounts as of January 31st are $909000.35.  There was a motion made by Roger Hinrichs to approve the report as read, second by Jeff Lade. Carried. 

Resident Issues:

There were no residents present other than the Board.  The Board discussed the request by Mary Falk to ask the County to reduce the speed limit on County Road Z to 35 mph in it's entirety.  There was discussion, a motion was made by Roger Hinrichs to make this this request, second by Jeff Lade.  The motion carried. The board discussed the recent complaints concerning damage done to a mailbox and bird feeder on Ken Byers property and determined that this is on road right of way as this road is deemed 66 rods and anything 33 feet from the center line is road right of way. Dwight stated that this bird feeder was hit while plowing in the dark and he did not see it but due to the face that this road is extremely narrow the hit would have been very hard to avoid.  The board is also aware of the damage done to the mailbox belonging to Timothy and Lori Gadwa. The clerk contacted the US Postal Service and also the WTA attorney concerning damage done to mailboxes by snow plows.  Both stated that the placement of a mailbox on road right of way is a privilege and the town is not liable for damage done.  The board did not feel that the damage was due to neglect on the road crews part.  The clerk will send letters to both parties concerning this issue. The clerk will send a certified letter to Timeless Referral Services concerning the lack of response to our phone calls and the neglect in timely picking up the scrap we have contracted with them to remove.  If there is no response we will seek another avenue for disposing of the recycleables we have collected.

Road Maintenance:

Dwight is brushing and watching culverts for ice build up.

The board discussed the recent article in the WTA monthly magazine concerning the sale of gravel to private parties conflicting with private business also selling gravel.  They will discuss discontinueing the sale of gravel to anyone other than municipalities at the next board meeting.

Bills in the amount of $965967.61 were approved for payment.

Agenda for the March meeting is as follows:
Burning Ordinance
Discontinue non-Municipality gravel sales

The next meeting will be on March 12, 2009 at 6:00 PM

There was a motion made by Jeff Lade to adjourn the meeting, second by Roger Hinrichs.          

The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.

Deborah L. Christian, Clerk

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