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Home Business Minutes February 2018 Meeting Minutes

February 2018 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes from February 8th, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Jim Melin at 6 pm. There were 16 in attendance. Minutes from January meeting were read. No corrections or additions. Motion by Hinrichs to approve the January minutes, 2nd by Lade. Motion carried. Treasurer's report by Patsy was reviewed with total cash assets of $1,085,535.34. Motion by Lade to approve the treasurer's report, second by Lade. Motion carried. Resident issues: Rich Hess thanked the board for their work and representation at the county meeting regarding the zoning on Little Trade Lake. He stated the County Board was confused by the concept of cluster housing that was presented to them. Does the town board get to review the final plat? Current law is any lean properties automatically go to the county. The county has jurisdiction over all shoreline zoning issues. Request by Hess to have the clerk read the paper and call the County weekly for any issues regarding our Town. No decision was made on this. At this time, the local paper is where official notices are posted by the county. Rich would like the clerk to notify the lake association if any zoning or other issues regarding the lakes is discovered. Dan Freeman brought up that big and Little Trade Lake are classified as one lake and they are both on the impaired water list for 2018 due to the high phosphorous levels. The county concern is zoning but it should also be environment health and water quality. It was brought up that now might be a good time to update the town's comp plan. The lakes association would like to be involved in the comp plan. It was decided a letter would be drafted to the county by Dan listing the points in the Town comp plan and the towns wishes. Reed McFarlane, the new president for the Lakes Association gave an update. They have applied for DNR grants of $200,000 over the next three years to treat invasive species. It was brought to the board's attention that a junk yard is piling up on the hill in Trade Lake and this waste can be draining into Spook Lake which is a conservation pond. Roger gave an update on the ambulance. Frederic Ambulance may pull out of the coalition but they have the fastest response time to Trade Lake. No Fire reports. Road Maintenance-The road plan will be tabled until the next meeting. Corey Laqua has resigned and his last day will be tomorrow. Anderson Township is buying a training DVD for the Board of Review and will invite Trade lake to view it with them. Clerk issues: Bremer Bank needs a new signature card and they need meeting minutes to allow new clerk, Melissa McQuay to be able to sign. Motion by Lade to approve of Melissa McQuay to be able to sign for the county as clerk. Second by Hinrichs. Motion carried. A new computer for the clerk was previously approved and built into the budget for this year. Clerk will get some prices before new computer will be purchased. New election workers to be approved are Alma Karels, Kristi Melin, Joyce Glover and Robert Peters. Motion by Hinrichs to approve the new election workers. Second by Lade. Motion carried. The clerk presented to the board the need for a new website. Our current contract is up in March with Hostmonster. Town Web is a hosting company that specializes for towns and municipaties. They will host our current webpage free of charge until the new website is built. There will be a 3 year contract paid annually and the set will be free. Motion by Lade to approve the new web hosting company Second by Hinrichs. Motion carried. Clerk was given permission to see to the care of the flag and to add a donated POW/MIA flag to our flag pole. Discussion of a new town logo was discussed and clerk will need ideas from the community.  Motion to approve payment of bills in the amount of $22,468.14 by Lade. Second by Hinrichs. Motion carried. Agenda items for March will be the road plan and employee handbook. Next meeting will be Thursday March 8. 2018 at 6 pm. Motion by Hinrich's to adjourn meeting and go into closed session. Second by Lade. Motion carried and meeting was adjourned at 7:35. The Town of Trade Lake board went into closed session at 7:35. Member present were Chairman Jim Melin, Supervisors Jeff Lade and Roger Hinrichs and Clerk. Meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim Melin. Discussion of hiring new shop employee followed. Motion by Hinrichs to adjourn closed session. Second by Lade. Motion carried. Melissa McQuay, Clerk

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