The Town of Trade Lake

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September Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim Melin. There were 17 in attendance. Minutes of the August 10, 2017 meeting were read and approved, Hinrichs/Lade/Carried. The Treasurers report was reviewed with $596,481.91 in cash assets, motion to approve Lade/Hinrichs/Carried. Resident Issues: Recycle issues were discussed with resident input considered. The board requested the Clerk contact TRA Design and order a second sign to be placed on the outside of the recycling area so residents are able to read it at any time. There were residents in attendance to discuss the request for a rezone of the Seeger property on Little Trade Lake. Jim Tolbert of Burnett County Emergency Management was present to introduce himself and explain the role Emergency Management fills. Emergency Management is a service based organization. The board reviewed bids Corey had received for a number of wedging, sealing and patching projects. After review there was a motion by Lade to accept the bid of $4500 from Fahrner to place infra red patches on Church Road, Calrberg Rd., Spririt Lake Rd. and Spook Dr. second by Hinrichs/Carried. There was a motion by Hinrichs to accept the bid from Burnett County of $5695, of which they will pay half, for Rice Lake Rd and $4300 for M-Y Rd. second by Lade/Carried. There was a motion made by Hinrichs to accept the bid of $2754 from Monarch Paving to wedge Spirit Lake Rd., second by Lade/Carried. Fire Report: Marjean Legler reported that the Frederic Fire Dept. raised $12000.00 on their fund raiser. Rd. Mtc. A Tough Book will be ordered from Crex Techs at $463.00. Lade/Hinrichs/Carried. Corey has completed repairs on Freedom Lake Rd. The culvert is done on Buckland Rd. Charlie has taken a position with a different town so we are in need of a part time employee for Hwy. Mtc. The board authorized the clerk to put a help wanted notice in the InterCounty leader and also the Indianhead Advertiser. Corey had prices for new tires which the board reviewed. Lade made a motion to approve the purchase of two front tires for the pickup at a cost of $489,83 plus $50 for mounting, and $8675 for new tires all around for the grader with a possible credit for our old tires, second by Hinrichs/Carried. The board authorized the clerk to purchase a new printer, the clerks old printer will be used in the shop, Hinrichs/Lade/Carried. The Open Book has been scheduled for October 14, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The Board of Review will immediately follow the Open Book and run from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The next meeting will be on Tuesday October 17, 2017, change in regular schedule date due to the clerk being out of town on the 12th, our regular meeting date. Additional agenda items will be: Board to build the 2018 Budget, hire part time Hwy. Mtc. Employee, There was a motion to adjourn by Lade, second by Hinrichs. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned. Deborah Christian, Clerk

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Trade Lake Town Hall, built in 1890, is the oldest active town hall in Wisconsin.