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Home Business Minutes Monthly Meeting - December, 2019

Monthly Meeting - December, 2019


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim Melin. There were 16 in attendance. Minutes November 17, 2016, were read. There was a correction made to reflect that the payment to the BCASF is a payment and not a donation as was stated in the minutes. Motion to approve as corrected, Hinrichs/Lade/Carried. The Treasurer's report was reviewed, cash assets in all accounts are $377,210.80, motion to approve, Lade/Hinrichs/Carried. Scot Balsavich, Cooper Eng. was in attendance to present the Bd. with the 2nd and final payment request from Larson Companies and Cooper Engineering for the Melo Drive Bridge Project. There was a motion to approve these payments, Lade/Hinrichs/Carried. These payments will be included in the December bills. Res. Issues: Ron Wilhelm, Burnett County Sheriff was present to field questions from the Board and those in attendance concerning the dog issues that have been brought to the board. He explained the scope of the Counties authority, the Boards options for making and enforcing policy and some possible resolutions to this issue. While the county can enforce dog issues such as dogs at large, damage to property, attacks they have no jurisdiction to write a citation for barking dogs, puppy mills, and issues dealing with treatment and care of animals. They are authorized to enforce state law and county ordinance only. He requested we make a list of issues we have with dog problems and email the list to him. He will look into our problems. He also encouraged the Bd. to discuss this issue with Burnett County Zoning Admin. Ron Meyer, Assessor was also present to explain the letter we received from the State referring to the need to do a Market Adjustment within the next two years in Trade Lake. He explained our options and the ramifications of waiting past two years to have this Market Adjustment done. Mr. Meyers fees have not increased and a Market Adjustment would cost the town $20,000 whether done in 2017 or 2018. His fee for a general maintenance remains at $8000 for the next 3 years. If we are not compliant by 2019 the state could require they do a full Revaluation which could cost the town upwards of $45000-$55000. There was a motion made by Hinrichs to contract with Ron Meyer to do a Market Adjustment in 2017 for $20,000 and to contract with him to continue to do general maintenance for the following 3 years at a cost of $8000 per year, second by Lade/Carried. Marjean Legler gave the Board a Frederic Fire Report. The Clerk presented the Board with a contract for renewal with North Lake Mechanical for UDC inspections for 2017. There was a motion by Lade to sign the contract with North Lake Mechanical, second Hinrichs/Carried. The Town Hall Project for shelving, cabinets and table tops will be discussed at the January meeting. The Board will meet with the two applicants for the Part-time Road Mtc. position on Monday, December 11, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. at the Town Shop. Hwy. Mtc.- Dwight has looked into getting new tires for the truck. Deb will set up an account with K & M Tire. Bills in the amount of $55,702.93 were approved for payment, Hinrichs/Lade/Carried. Additional Agenda items for January are; Town Hall Project.The Caucus will be held on January 21, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. The January monthly meeting will be held on January 19, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. There was a motion by Hinrichs to adjourn, second by Lade.  Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned. Deborah Christian, Clerk

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Trade Lake Town Hall, built in 1890, is the oldest active town hall in Wisconsin.