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Home Business Minutes Monthly Meeting - November 17, 2016

Monthly Meeting - November 17, 2016


The meeting was called to order by Chair. Jim Melin.There were 12 in attendance.Minutes of the October 12, 2016 were read and approved, Lade/Hinrichs/Carried. Treas. Report was reviewed. Total cash assets are $444,699.46, motion to approve Hinrichs/Lade/Carried. Res. Issues: Scot Balsavich presented the board with the amended contract for the Melo Drive Bridge. There was a motion to approve the amended contract by Hinrichs, second by Lade/Carried. He also presented a pay request for $46,267.38 which was approved for payment, Lade/Hinrichs/Carried. The bridge is open to traffic as of today which is earlier than the projected date. Bruce Scheider explained the increase in funding requested by the Burnett County Agricultural Society Fair. He gave a brief history of how this annual donation was put into place in the mid 1960's as the towns took ownership of the structural property of the Fair Grounds. The initial donation was to cover the Insurance of these structures. In 1992 this became a flat fee of $3000 which was spread over the towns based on Equalize Values. The increase was to help with updating these structures, maintenance, and new construction. That was the last time there was an increase. The Fair Board determined that there needed to be an increase and proposed this at their last meeting making it possible for the towns to include this in their 2017 Budgets. The board agreed that this is a legitimate increase and will budget to make this donation in 2017 to the BCASF. Dan Lindgren presented the board with a request to waive his property taxes due to his determination that he was overtaxed for a number of years when he first purchased his lake lots. The board explained to Mr. Lindgren the process required by WI state statutes for attending the Board of Review and Open Book to discuss valuations with the Accessor. This is the only time that values can be changed.To the Boards knowledge there is no way to reimburse taxes paid in prior years as it is the land owners responsibility to attend the Open Book and Board of Review to make these adjustments at the time the landowner sees a reason to dispute valuations. Roger Hinrichs will prepare a map of possible roads in the Town of Trade Lake to present to the residents as being accessible to ATV's and UTV's. Making these roads accessible is being requested by other municipalities. The clerk will place a notice n the Leader and also the Advertiser for a Part time employee for Rd. Mtc This notice will include the ability to lift a min. of #50 and also have a CDL lic. Hwy. Mtc.: Pine Lake Rd. is completed. Dwight is ready for snow. Bills in the amount of $79,329.67 were approved for payment, Lade/Hinrichs/Carried. Additional Agenda Items for December meeting are: Hire part time worker, Finalize Melo Dr. Bridge Project, Dog Issue, Town Hall project. Next Meeting will be held on December 8, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. There was a motion made by Lade to adjourn, second by Hinrichs, Carried.The meeting was adjourned.Deborah Christian, Clerk

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Trade Lake Town Hall, built in 1890, is the oldest active town hall in Wisconsin.