The Town of Trade Lake

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February 12, 2015


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim Melin.  There were 8 in attendance, the clerk was absent.  The minutes of the January 8, 2015 meeting were read and approved, Hinrichs/Lade/Carried.  The Treasurers report was reviewed.  There is $1,093,035.92 in cash assets, the M.F.C.D. has been renewed at .95%, motion to approve Lade/Hinrichs/Carried.  Resident Issues:  Marjean Legler reported that the audit of Frederic Fire Dept. is completed.  They paid out $21,000 in employee salaries.  They made a total of 11 calls to Trade Lake in 2014.  There was discussion as to what to do with the old piano in the Town Hall.  It was decided to put it on our web site that we would like to have it removed and see if anyone knows where it came from and if anyone would be interested in it.  The Board agreed to extend the ATV policy on Gabrielson Lake Rd.  Road Mtc.:  Road restrictions will be as they were last year.  Posting will follow the county regulations.  The incident on Spirit Lake Access Rd was discussed.  The Clerk will send a letter and copy of the damage estimate from Monarch to Allied Waste.  Dwight reported a tire was needed for the pay loader, he will get prices and Jim will get more information on government money to help pay for the tire.  He has been burning brush, stumps to haul away and trees to cut, also plowing snow.  Discussion about the installation of the new shop doors, Jeff will speak with Ken Knauber about the job.  Bills in the amount of $$711,250.53 were approved for payment.  The next meeting will be March 5, 2015 due to a conflict for the Chairman.  Additional agenda items for the March meeting are, Board of Review Dates, Date of Annual Meeting, review Employee Agreement, District Meeting in Cumberland.  There was a motion to adjourn by Hinrichs, second by Lade, Carried.  Submitted by Patsy Tucker, Treasurer

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