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Home Business Budget Budget Hearing 11/13/08

Budget Hearing 11/13/08


The meeting was called to order by Chairman James Melin.  There were 13 in attendance.

The purpose of the meeting was to approve the 2009 Budget for the Town of Trade Lake.

Chairman Melin opened the floor to questions.

The Clerk explained the process to arrive at this years levy.  There were questions concerning the large amount being levied for New Construction.  We will be billed in Jan. 2009 for the paving of Freedom  Lake drive which is $76,700

.  We also need to pave again in 2009 just to maintain a schedule of paving.  We have approximately 53 miles of paved road in the town and the average paving lasts 20 years.  This requires us to pave at least 2-3 miles each year just to maintain the paved roads we now have.  By allowing a year to go by without paving we are losing our ability to maintain the paved roads we now have.

Richard Hess requested the board require the Frederic Fire Dept. report at our Annual Meeting the expenses and their use of the monies they Levy from us.  He would like an accountability from them to the same level that the Grantsburg Fire Assoc. is showing.  He would like an explanation as to why the Frederic Levy is so much higher than the Grantsburg Levy.  Mr. Hess also asked why the town budget has $6375 in a contingency fund, do we foresee an expenditure needing this amount?  The Clerk stated that this fund has historically had $10000 in it but due to the high increase was scaled back to make the levy $410000 even.

There were no more questions on this years budget.

There was a motion made by Jeff Lade to accept the 2009 Budget as presented, second by Roger Hinrichs.  The motion carried and the budget was passed.

J  Leon Moe made a motion to accept the proposed budget, second by Richard Hess.  The motion carried.

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