The Town of Trade Lake

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The Town of Trade Lake

Welcome to our Online Home

You'll find the latest news on the site right here on the front page. You can also take a look around using the menu on the left or the popular content list on the right. And feel free to contact us if you'd like.

Next Monthly Meeting

 Special MeetingBoard to meet at the Town Hall on Monday, October 12, 20144:00 PM to discuss wiring the Town Hall.  The meeting will thenmove to Gabrielson Lake Rd. to discuss the current construction project.Deborah Christian, Clerk Notice of Public Budget Hearing
For Town of Trade Lake, Burnett County
Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday November 11, 2014, at 6:00PM at the Trade Lake Town Hall of a PUBLIC HEARINGon the PROPOSED BUDGET of the Town of Trade Lake in Burnett County will be held.The Proposed Budget is posted for review.  The proposed budget in detail is available for inspection at the town clerks home by appointment. ...

October 9, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Roger Hinrichs.  Chairman Jim Melin was not in attendance.  There were 9 in attendance.  The minutes of the September 9, 2014 meeting were read and approved, Lade/Hinrichs/Carried.  The Treasurers report was reviewed.  There is $422,789.87 in cash assets, Lade/Hinrichs/Carried.  Resident Issues:  The Kings from Gabrielson Lake Road were present and asked the board to help them resolve issues they are having with the construction work being done on Gabrielson Lake Rd.  They had pictures of the work that has been done on their property and voiced concern that some of this is not...

Proposed Budget 2015

2015 Planned revenues and expenditures are listed below with 2013 and 2014 numbers for reference.

 201320142015 ActualEstimateProposedREVENUES   Local Levy370284371824372485State Shared Revenue139301393013930Transportation Aids111862111862116354Other (Forest, etc.)398132150TRIP Program1493400Licenses & Permits410410410Royalties310700Snowplowing03800Grading & Culverts000Recycling740372597500Interest Earned191420222000Misc. Receipts782675Land & Shed Rent130013001300    TOTAL REVENUES525620509145514204    EXPENDITURES   Town Board/Legal Exp.745777278000Comprehensive Planning000Clerk Expense121371135912000Election...
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town hall
Trade Lake Town Hall, built in 1890, is the oldest active town hall in Wisconsin.