The Town of Trade Lake

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The Town of Trade Lake

Welcome to our Online Home

You'll find the latest news on the site right here on the front page. You can also take a look around using the menu on the left or the popular content list on the right. And feel free to contact us if you'd like.

Next Monthly Meeting

Thursday August 13, 2015
6:00 PM
Meeting will be held in the Town Hall

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Minutes of last meeting

Treasurers Report

Fire Reports

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Deborah L. Christian, Clerk






Monthly Meeting - July 9, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim Melin.  There were 7 in attendance, clerk was absent.  Minutes of the June 11, 2015 meeting were read and approved, Hinrichs/Lade/Carried.  The Treasurers report was reviewed.  There is $519,951.59 in cash assets. Report was approved as read.  Jeff Lade explained to the Board the conditional use permit to build a wood shop that he is requesting.  He presented a letter for the zoning office.  There was a motion made by Jim Melin to approve by signing the letter, second by Roger Hinrichs, Carried.  The Board had been made aware of a situation being given to a land owner on Sunrise Point...

Special Meeting-July 15, 2015

Chairman Jim Melin called the Special Meeting to order. There were 6 in attendance.  Supervisor Jeff Lade and the clerk were absent.  The purpose of the Special Meeting is to open bids for paving projects and crack sealing.  A motion was made by Roger Hinrichs to accept the bid from Monarch Paving to pave Bass Lake Road for $62,120.16 and to pave Range Line Road including the boat landing 67' x 20' for $83,049.60.  The motion was seconded by Jim Melin.  Motion carried.  All paving is 2" deep with warm mix asphalt with completion in September.  Sending of Liability Insurance.  Sealers presented their bid for crack sealing with poly...


If you have information as to who donated the piano that is in the Town Hall please contact either Patsy Tucker or Deb Christian.  We would like to have this piano removed from the Town Hall.  If you are interested in this piano please contact a board member.

Feel free to Email us, or see other contact information.

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town hall
Trade Lake Town Hall, built in 1890, is the oldest active town hall in Wisconsin.